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Dec 25, 2012 3:00pm PST
mr. chen led us inside to have a look at one of the flats. when you look around here, how do you feel? "i feel so angry about this. i've been everywhere to complain about it. to every level of government, and nobody is listening." mr. chen and his colleague investigation here six times to complain. it's called the petition' petition's bureau, the last ave. of those with grievances against the state. but on every occasion, says mr. chen, policemen prevented them from registering their case. it's a sensitive location. security personnel didn't like us filming here. back at the hiding spot, the officers from changdong told us they wouldn't give up. this "we'll keep trying to petition, but we know it publicly won't lead anywhere. still, what choice is there? we have to try." they remain unconvinced about the depth of corruption in china, then take their word for it. the new batch of communist party leaderappointed last month. party secretary wander corruption it it could spelt end of the country. but doing something about it in places like chengdong province will be do you have. they
Dec 2, 2012 10:30am PST
. >> okay. mr. chen and after that raishiel shay. >> good afternoon commissioners. good afternoon everyone. i am a member of chinese citizen alliance and i am here to speak on behalf of the proposed project. i live in san francisco for many years and i think it's important for san francisco to have its own basketball team and i remember and i know golden state warriors was once part of san francisco and i think it's time to them back to san francisco and i believe this is a good use of the portland and otherwise the land would be unused and good for business and in the area and give our city more revenues and tax dollars for the services that we need and i hope that you will support this project and thank you. >> rachel o shay and henry -- i am sorry if i butchered your name. >> hello commissioners. [inaudible] basketball but this project is much more than basketball. [inaudible] culturally. right now chinese pop star who come to the bay area like ya ming. he cannot come to san francisco. he must go to oakland or san jose. i would like san francisco to have the same opportunity th
Dec 12, 2012 10:00am EST
blood. mr. speaker, ms. wu's death didn't have to occur. this could have been prevented. chen should not have been back on the streets after serving time in prison, but he was and here's why. after he served the initial sentence for assaulting ms. wu, he was ordered legally deported back where he came from, back to china, but his home country, our good old buddies, the chinese, refused to take him back. they didn't want him, and so they stalled and stalled and stalled, and over those three years of chinese stalling and gave him the run-around, chen was eventually free and free to kill and kill he did. mr. speaker, this tragedy is not an isolated phenomena. flafflet, other americans have died as a result -- unfortunately, other americans have died as a result of a gaping hole in the immigration system. it's no secret that everybody believes our immigration system is broken. fixing it down the road will be complex and complicated, but there's some things we can do about immigration right now to fix specific problems and here's one of these. currently, mr. speaker, thousands of criminal
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)